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Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Reditr Software

Publisher’s Description
Reditr was designed to serve as a simple to navigate client for Reddit.Reditr has a plethora of features, and we are constantly adding new ones with every update:

• View multiple subreddits at once via column interface

• Automatic draft saving– never lose what you’ve typed on Reddit again

• Navigate through comments intelligently with many sorting options added ontop of Reddit’s defaults

• Quickly view your Reddit browsing history

• Highlight new comments since last visit

• Import tags with RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)

• View post/link contents and comments simultaneously

• User tagging system (give users multiple tags & synchronizes)

• Friend manager

• Subreddits update automatically

• Cross device account synchronization

• Private messages into interactive chat

• Load all comments automatically

• Bulk private messages sender

• Custom columns (follow friends, multiple subreddits etc.)

• Hoverzoom for images and other content

• Live notifications (messages, replies etc.)

• Customizable hotkeys

• Full comment controls

• Save posts & comments

• Moderation tools

• Gallery mode for picture intense subreddits

• Dark and light themes

• Custom signatures

• Multiple account support

• Search capabilities

• User profile viewer